2020 Channelings:

The Energy Beneath the Health Pandemic

There are energetic lines of disconnection happening all over the place. These lines have to be reestablished in order for the energy to flow more freely throughout. What we see is that some people are sick, however the reality is different than this. The energy lines are disconnected. There are blocks within them. The blocks not allowing the energy to flow from being to being from line to line to where it needs, so inside of The One there are disconnected lines of energy. Where they are blocked is where the people are sick.

This is a much larger picture than anyone is really looking at or speaking about in any way. There are lines that connect all. You cannot pretend that they do not exist. (Read about viruses by scrolling down on this page.) The lines have blocks, kinks - the energy is kinking up. It causes not just stagnation but disconnection. The lines are sometimes breaking. It is deteriorating here. If too many are broken you face the end of what holds the species together.  That is what will happen if there are too many broken connections and not enough energy flow to connect and keep all safe in existence here.

The lines are going to have to be reestablished. This is accomplished through a definite clearing of energy. It must be cleared so that It can flow. The energy is not clear.

There are energies that are not going to listen at all. They are resistance. They are, in fact, causing the blockages. The resistance to the embrace of the truth of The Light as one. There is no separation.

We are telling you that the resistance to truth of the light is causing the blockages. If you lift the resistance, you lift the blocks.

The resistance exists because there are those who will not listen to ideas that are different and ideas that are actual truth. There is so much distrust in so many people and so many ideas that they present. The truth is that there is one connective light energy connecting everyone and everything. This light energy must be fortified with love and peace and acceptance. It cannot be charged with hatred.

Those who are highly sensitive are especially going to suffer more. This hatred of others is too much. Whether they are pure and good or not, you cannot hate them. And yet they are hated. Whether they are right or wrong, they cannot be hated. Hatred is the cause of pain. Stop hating now.

Those who wish to continue to suffer must go to an alternate reality where hatred is the norm. This has been created already on earth. It is being perpetuated. You know what we are talking about. So many dictators exposing words that are not in alignment with the light. This hatred is unbelievable to us. It is allowed to continue because so many are buying in.

​There are energies that you would not want to face anywhere and they are existing here on earth now. They are planted. They are within people. These are not entities that are floating in another dimensions. They are here now. They are speaking through people, acting through people. The original souls are muffled and stifled because these other energies are taking them over. It is not possession, it is a squashing of the light of the person. It is a crushing down of the light of the soul.

How is it being allowed to happen? Because the people are not connected with their souls. They are confused. There is the virus of "the others" and it is overtaking. 

Once the virus gets in and is allowed to remain, the other energies can take over. This is a pandemic on another level. What you see playing out is a message to pull it together and pay attention to the energetic truth. The physical virus pandemics going on are only on a physical level. The energetic overtaking is much more widespread and it is intense. It doesn't directly kill the body; it harms all.

We are asking you all now to go forward into looking with eyes that see a deeper truth than what is being presented through your media in your world. The deeper truth that you are all powerful and that you can work in ways that are aligned with the highest benefit of all in order to heal. You can help one another by connecting to your truth and living inside of your bodies. Allowing your soul light to sit within your body is a gift not only to your own wellbeing, but to those around you.

The energy cleaning necessary is to be done by all of you. Work with integrity and only clear what is meant to be cleared in the highest good. You cannot clear someone's energy to whom you do not have permission. And this permission is granted by the Higher Self of the person. You can, however, teach someone else to clear themself. Doing your own energetic clearing is all that you need to do. Putting yourself into harm's way is not what is being asked of you. Purposefully entering someone's energy and working with it without permission will cause harm.

We ask you to remain in your strength of your light. You are powerful, you are good, you are light. We love you. You are not alone. Be the light that you are.

The Interconnection of Everyone

There is but one message we have for you all today. You have to listen deeply within yourselves. The earth is struggling, and are you ready to step into the action defined by your souls? What do we mean by this? It is a necessary course of action to listen to and to come into alignment with your oneness.

You are all connected. Do you not remember this? You are one. You are connected by intimate lines of energy. All of you together. There is not one that is affected by something that does not touch others. Allow yourselves to remember this and to come into alignment with your truths.

Your individual minds are not going to be able to work your ways through this. You must surrender to the truths that you are not alone. You have outside help and you have the help that you can all provide to one another. Your inside sources include your emotions and your souls.

Your souls are not alone, they are interconnected to everyone and everything they have ever experienced. Your souls have families that are not and also are incarnated with you on this planet right now. You are still interconnected to these families - to the energies of your soul families. Where you are from originally is still within your lights. You are not alone. There is nothing that says “I am all alone” within your souls. This is because your souls absolutely know this 100% without a doubt at all.

It is your minds that believe that somehow you could be isolated from anything or anyone here. It is not possible. You are energetically and intimately connected to one and other and to all. These are not lies or fallacies. These are the truth said to enlighten your paths through this darkness you are perceiving to exist here right now.

If you would but connect to your soul’s homes - to your soul families. 

Message of Support for Wellness
You are not alone. We wish to implore you to remember now – you are not ever abandoned.

You are full of life within The One that sustains you. You have the choice as to what you will do and how you will live your life - you have choices.

You have to listen to your hearts singing to you now. It is not within The All to tell you all of the answers. You cannot always be spoon-fed the answers you are seeking. Listen to each other - the answers are there. If you want help with your health, then listen to experts who are truly trying to empower you. It is beyond the scope of an individual channeling such as this one to tell you every detail that you each personally need. There are experts and we implore you to listen to them now. Perhaps you do not like what they are saying. Again, this is your choice as to how to proceed once you have received the information. However, if you are too closed off to even listen to it, then how can you truly make an empowered choice?

Listen. The answers are all around you. The world is filled with people who are speaking up. You are not alone! You are full of hope inside of your soul if you would only open your minds and for some of you, your hearts, and listen to the messages from within you. Listen to how you are guided. If you are guided to read something, then read it; do not turn away. You only need accept what you wish to accept. However, again, we implore you to be aware that this is your choice only once you have received the information.

You cannot judge without allowing yourself to have access to knowledge. You have to open up.

We ask you to listen now: There are messages from within that are pouring outward into The All. The messages sing and cry of remembrances of times when life was more pure on this planet before the harmful elements arrived here. Your energies are needing the purity that once was and that could be. There are so many changes you have to make here for that to occur. Start within your own lives. Take the chance; be open to making the choices to begin. iI starts within each and every person.

Your lives are not doomed to suffer. Your lives are available to healing. Your lives are available to abundance of living. Your lives are available to create what you want, but you have to remain open to the possibilities and grab upon them when they pass in front of you.

The people are talking; listen to them. Turn off the news and listen to the voices of experts who are not being bribed by anyone, or paid by any entity except for themselves. Listen to these experts who are truly trying to get the truth out. Listen and follow the guidance that truly feels resonant to your soul. Allow your soul to guide you toward what you need now.

You are not doomed to suffer. Find the answers; find your way.

We ask you now to listen to these messages and to go forward into a thriving way of living that you create from the highest space possible for yourself and your families. We love you.

2018 Channeled Messages:


Note: I wrote the article, Genetics and High Sensitivity, through the guidance I received when channeling the following information about viruses. It shares information that helps to make sense of some of the messages in the following channeled material.
There is a way to clear the viruses that have inundated your beings. You are attached to them in some ways, but not just this. You are not allowing yourselves to truly be free. Every time you hold back from your purpose, from your true light, from resonating in perfect harmony with your light, you are attaching yourselves to these “virus” energies. We put the word virus in quotations marks because it’s not really authentically what they are.

These energies (viruses) are the interconnective web of your life experiences on Earth. Your lives here are intertwined in ways that you have no idea about. You are not able to see or to know all of these connections; you just aren’t. You do not open up enough and talk about each other enough to find them out. You are all connected in various ways.

Now with that being said, you are able to go deeper into another’s being and to access their energies by simply thinking about them. You are in their beings you are going deeper inside of them as you think of them, and then you are there. You have to understand how energy truly works. It’s all connected. You can’t “see” it but it is.

Now, you are in the energies of one another at any given time. As you hang out there you pick up certain vibrations to yourselves. You bring them back home with you to your bodies. This is how it works. You must learn to break the interconnective webs of harm. You can’t bring them back with you so often.

Your bodies can detox them to an extent. Everyone’s abilities to do this differ. If you detox easily, then you can be freed more quickly, but if not, they are going to take root within you as the toxins take effect. The longer they are within you, the more they harm you.
You can’t clear them once they have harmed you. You have to heal the body at this point. This healing comes upon multiple levels and ways. You are not able to clear the viruses and it’s not them with which we are as concerned. You have to see the light for what it is more clearly. Listen. The light shines through everything. If you listen you shall see and know the truth about it. You have to detox your body of the toxins, this is absolutely true. But you have to support your body as optimally as possible all of the time you have to. You cannot let up on this.

The genes are not the only clue that you are sensitive. The genes are showing a picture genetically, but your life experiences are giving you the answers. If you do not want to be sensitive you can medicate yourself, but you will still react and have trouble detoxing effectively. No matter what you do, you still have to do that work every day. It’s the truth.

The vibrations are unseen. The viruses – all you need is an exposure to the vibration of it. It’s not much at all. The viruses just have to be detoxed. If you can’t effectively get them out quickly enough, now you have to deal with detoxing them plus the toxicity they have created as they have sat within you. It’s a methylation pathway problem. If you listen you shall thrive.

Now, these viruses make people feel badly but don’t affect everyone in the same way. Underneath health issues is the truth of toxicity.
If you live a clean lifestyle, you are going to have to acknowledge that you are still exposed to high levels of toxins through the air, water, through EMFs, and food every day. If you are sensitive you are going to have to work hard to detox them.

The viruses don’t exactly take up root within you. They essentially are designed to pass through, but those who cannot process them, they get stuck within. Its like going out into the world and then bringing home dirt into your home and not cleaning it up.

The key to getting rid of the viruses is to strengthen the methylation pathways. So that when you get exposed your body can quickly move them through. The key is to not let energy get stuck within you to give it time to create an inflammatory reaction from the immune system response leading to an inflammatory reaction. And then toxic damage to the body.

There are no viruses. Look more closely into the energy of what is causing the EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) to show up. The viruses are not what you believe them to be. You aren’t full of viruses; the toxic load is more of a concern. There are some people more prone to accumulating so many toxins. If you look at the DNA you will see the clues, and we call them “clues” because this is not the complete story. Your DNA is a window into what is going on with you. Your soul must be combined. It is a full circle. You have your body, you have your soul. Now, your soul, if it is otherworldly and has not experienced a realm like this before, will not be accustomed to the energies here. It is like not being vaccinated in a way. You have no immunity to it. Your light is so strong but it cannot be hit into so hard so many times over and over again, relentlessly, as it is here with the toxic forces. Your souls are tired from this. So you have this soul experience energy going on. Look deeper past what you believe and you will see that none of you are able to process these energies and that everyone is affected, but some to a more intense degree. These are the ones who are more highly sensitive to toxic energies. But everyone is affected. You will see the mutations show up within people and this is due to the toxic onslaught of energies here.

As you are affected by these toxins, your bodies are pulled into a lower energetic state – you aren’t making as much natural energy within them. The ATP you require is not as strong. You are struggling because you are tired on many levels. As you tire, these energies cannot be detoxified as quickly as you need them to be so that you can maintain your health. You are struggling due to these two factors within body and soul being affected by the toxic waves of low-vibrational energies here on Earth today.

Your Earth experiences can still be filled with joy and excitement. None of this takes those away. But your health and your wellbeing and your overall ability to be productive are being compromised. What shows up physically in your blood work is the picture of the viruses. You are not having the energy to detoxify them due to compromises within your body and soul.

Your soul light must be fueled as strong as possible. You do this by allowing yourself to be more fully present at all times. Your soul will fuel the body and the body will energize the soul. You work together. You cannot disconnect anymore at all.
So when the body and soul synchronize together better they will assist one another in what is needed to be able to continue to live on this planet. The energies are very strong waves that bang into your beings.

Your souls need a reminder right now! Your souls must remember that they are here for a mission to fulfill. If they are not going to remain with their bodies and be present, then it will not happen. Your souls cannot continue to disconnect like they do. No drugs and alcohol, no finding ways to not be present in the space where your bodies are. You need your light and your light needs your body for protection as well.

Now if you do this, you have a stronger chance. If you would stay connected to yourselves, you have a stronger chance of recovering and being able to keep going. Your lights are dimming because you are having trouble staying connected to your bodies. Your bodies are suffering greatly. If you would but listen, it is not so complicated.

The viral load is not the issue. Look past it and into your own mirror of yourself. The light must be present. Allow for it to be. You can do this. Fuel up and live a life that is aligned with your light and the reason for your incarnation. You will find it all easier to thrive here. Do not be afraid of the energies in this world! Do not be worried that they will harm you. You are going to do the best that you can to live a safe life and that is what you can do.

These energies are just that – energy. It can all be changed and it shall be changed. On the higher dimensional planes, it already is changed. You have to stay here in this realm in order to be able to complete your life experience here. When you leave, you can do something else. Your purpose is your light and it is supposed to be here doing what it supposed to be doing.

Stop the toxic onslaught by caring for your body with the most honoring, nurturing energies you can. Protect yourselves this way. And care for your light by allowing it to be what it is: light. Shine, only shine. No fear. Go head first into your life and do not fear anything. You will be safe.
If you want to ease the toxic load, you have to listen a little more closely. For those who have compromised DNA structures that do not allow for adequate detoxification, we have already told you to follow the directions of doctors who know. Methylated vitamins, glutathione support, etc., yes. For those who need this support, it is not optional. Do it for yourselves, do it for your children, do it consistently and do not let up on your regime of supplemental care.
If you eat toxins, stop.
If you breathe them purposefully, cease smoking and using toxic fragrances and chemicals in your home and on your body.
If you are unable to care for yourself, ask for help. Find a way.
Get the vitamins and nutrients into your body and into your kids.
Stop vaccinating and putting more toxins into yourself.

Now breathe. Look as deeply as you can within your being. See your light allow for it to grow in power and fill you. Fill your body with your own light. As you do recognize that you are safe. Say “I am Safe.” Do not fear. “I choose to be here and I am safe to be here.”

Whether or not you feel the pain of the low-vibrational toxic energies that exist on this plane or not, choose to be present here. You are safe. Your bodies need to heal. There is no question.

For sensitive people who are already living a very clean lifestyle: You must honor your bodies. They need the supplemental support. They need for you to remember that you can only do what you can do. Let your light help you. Fill up your bodies with your own lights. Let yourselves breathe with your light. This will assist you in clearing the toxins and increasing your abilities to have more energy available to you. Keep bringing that light present. It will help.

Keep Going Forward

The point is not to be a perfectly functioning being like a robot. The point is to remember the truth and then do the best that you can to live in alignment with that. Live your life as if you remember the truth about who you are and how things work. Why you feel badly, why you are sick, and why you struggle and even suffer. Remember the truth of the toxic energies and then remember who you are and get back up and take a big step forward and keep going. That’s the point of living on this planet. There is pain and there is suffering, but you are the light that shines and that light can penetrate through the energies that are causing the suffering and pain, and that light can make a difference. You may not eradicate it all on your own, but you will make a difference. If the pain is surrounded by and filled with more low vibrations, it will increase in power. If it is inundated with light, it will lessen in power. The light is stronger. You have to believe and you have to know that. You, as light, are stronger than the darkness. It may harm you, but it will never destroy you. Your body is not permanent. Your soul is. If you allow your soul to remain intact through your life experiences here, you will walk away stronger and more able to empathize and help others who are struggling and suffering. Your light is pure and your light doesn’t know until it knows, and in order to really know, it has to experience. You can’t fully help until you know what it is like to walk in those shoes. You have to be able to fully and truly know suffering and pain in order to help others through it. Your light, penetrating their pain and filling the space with light, is powerful. The more your light knows through experience, the more it can draw upon more light for power. It can draw upon the power it takes to overcome adversity. It can draw upon the power it takes to stand back up and fight and power through something seemingly awful. It can draw upon the power it takes to keep moving forward through the most pain and suffering it has experienced. That power pushes the toxic energies away and shows them that they will never, ever win on Earth. The light wins, always.

The darkness isn’t real. It’s only existing here because of the lower dimensions of physicality here. But higher, into more authentic dimensional spaces, it isn’t there, not at all. No darkness. And it knows that. But your light - it always exists. Whether it is experiencing as a soul or it is in unison with the whole, it exists. The darkness does not and cannot exist in the higher dimensions. You have the power. You have the connection to the highest light of oneness and the darkness will never, ever have that power source. It’s plugged into a power source of fear and darkness and it’s not authentic. So it can chug along here as long as people believe in it. But once they stop, it ceases to have any power whatsoever. You can harm and kill a human body, but you cannot kill a soul. The soul decides what it will experience. If it decides to forget and succumb to brain programming of beliefs things that are simply not so, then it can experience painful things in spirit - it can. So this is why you have to remind yourself that you are who and what you are. That what you see is not all that there is. That what you feel isn’t necessarily your own. You have to tell yourself that you are not doomed to suffer just because you exist. You have to override the brain programming. You have to overcome adversity so that you may assist others in their own journeys. You have to do this. You can’t remain stuck in the lower dimensions of lies that exist here. Believe in the light and allow that light to fill this Earth, and to penetrate through the lies, the pain, and the suffering. You are the ones that are going to heal yourself and this planet. There is no one else.

Can We All Heal?

There isn’t one answer to this. You are all different. You have different energies. Your lights are not here for the purpose of suffering. You never have been. It doesn’t exist – a place to incarnate for the purpose of suffering. No one is here to suffer and yet of course each of you do. You either suffer personally, or by watching other people suffer. You feel it and you know it as real. Your children are suffering now because you aren’t able to understand how to heal this world. And that is the real answer. The healing for everyone will happen when the world is healed. And by the world, we mean planet Earth on all levels.

Imagine the soul of planet Earth. The amazing light that has this planet as its physical body. Imagine the weight it has to bear and how strong it is. Imagine if you were that soul, so strong, and you were having to support the lives of everyone else upon your physical surface. But not only that, you can feel and sense the energies of all of them as they go through their lives. You can feel the suffering. You experience pain just like they do in their physical bodies as yours is inundated with toxic, low vibrations. You are feeling it and you are in pain. The physical body of Earth is suffering and so are you, those who live upon it.

You cannot be separate from this. if you poison the land and the water and the air, you poison yourselves. If you want to become healed and healthy and be able to thrive here, you have to heal the planet first.

How do you accomplish this? It’s a big task, but it’s not as complicated as you may believe. You heal the Earth by doing what you do to allow your own bodies to heal - but you all have to do it. You take the toxic elements away, for good. You stop making them. and you replace them with sustainable practices. You do no harm to this planet and therefore you do no harm to yourselves and your children. You stop cutting down the trees so that there will be air here to breath.

You have to care for the body of Earth as if it was the most sacred land of any land ever. Some of you believe that certain places on Earth are more sacred than others. This is like saying that certain parts of your own bodies are more important than other parts. The entire planet is one system, just like your own bodies are. It’s all interconnected; there is no part more sacred or important than any other.

The Earth cannot keep going forward with the energies you are exposing it to. It will rupture in some ways. Your bodies cannot keep going either. You are going to get sicker and sicker if you don’t stop harming them purposefully. And the sad part that we witness daily is that those who are innocent in all of this toxic creation are suffering as well. If you want for your children to heal, and the animals to heal, and yourselves to heal, then stop creating and using toxic products. Stop dumping toxins in to the water and into the ground of the planet, and likewise, stop dumping toxins into your bodies. You can only heal to the level that you can. Everyone is different. You can only go as far as your being will allow you to go within the circumstances in which you are living upon this planet.

To what degree are you grounded with your body? To what degree are you able to withstand the toxic energies here? To what degree has your body already suffered damage? There are variables that will determine how much you can heal. To what degree are you able to even process the energies here? You have to take everything into consideration when it comes to healing. Yes, your bodies can heal themselves, and the Earth can, too, but not if they continue to be bombarded by toxic energies. You have to accept this and then take action to resolve it.

So do something. Do something within your person life as you can control it. Get the toxins out of your homes and your bodies. Clear out and detoxify yourselves and your children. You can do this. The means are provided and available to you on Earth. Many people have figured out how to detox and the importance of doing so. You have to detox and then the body can heal. That’s how it works. As long as the toxins remain, they will continue to cause damage and they will continue to block the self-healing to commence. Your body may then find that once the toxins have been released, that significant damage has occurred. It may need support in various ways on various levels in order to heal. What has occurred is not natural damage, so it may not be able to naturally heal itself on its own. You have to learn and you have to go forward and find the ways to support your body’s healing process. But you have to get the toxins out first and foremost.

Then move forward into healing. Do things that you feel resonance with. If they don’t work, try something else. Listen to your soul guiding you. Ask what you need in order to fully heal. Do not give up. Remember that toxins cause damage to the body and some of the damage is really quite severe. It takes time and energy to heal it and you have to remain conscious and find the ways that work the best for you.
Don’t give up. Don’t give up on kids with autism. Don’t give up if you been diagnosed with autoimmune conditions. Don’t give up on yourselves and your family members and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer. There are ways to heal. There are ways to recover. Not everyone will achieve full recovery. This is the way it is. Not everyone is going to fully recover from damage inflicted by toxic energies.

But, remember, and remember this clearly:
When you detoxify your bodies, you are adding positive, good, beneficial energy to this planet. You are helping your soul to be able to connect more fully to your body. When you remove toxins from your lifestyle, you are no longer adding to the production of more toxic products because you are creating less demand for them. You are doing the good when you detox your lives! You have to do it. No matter what personal result you get. You have to detox. And then, allow your bodies to heal in the ways that they can, in the ways of their highest good.
There isn’t a point in being frustrated about not being able to fully heal something or someone. You are all in this together. When one person heals, everyone benefits. When the Earth is nurtured, everyone benefits. Take care of the bodies upon which you live and within which you live. There will be other incarnations, but you only have this moment now and you aren’t here to suffer.

Are We Predestined to Suffer from Certain Conditions?

There isn’t one way to conceptualize anything. You search for answers but you forget to acknowledge that you don’t understand everything. The way that the energy of this and other universes work is that it is unpredictable in many ways. You can choose to experience things, but ultimately, will you be entangled with a low-vibrational energy or not? Your choices are not yours alone. You can overcome; you can push through the darkness around you, but you have to realize that you are surrounded by it. You can’t expect to be able to do whatever you want when you live here.

Now with that being said, you are on a path. You have a mission. You have to fulfill it if at all possible. There will be blocks and there will be obstacles that you encounter. Some of these will be or lead to health conditions. Some of these will lead to financial issues. Some of these will be other hardships – poverty, violence, and other things. However, ultimately, let go of the beliefs that spirituality works in a way that you have been told by someone else that it does.

Your spirit is free, inherently free, and yet living on a planet in which freedom is not honored nor respected. You are not able to be the freedom you are in all ways here. You are enclosed in systems and structures. You have to comply with things. You just do. If you try to do otherwise, depending upon your life’s circumstances at the time, you will find difficulty.

We encourage you to find ways to be yourself and your light within social structures that work for the highest benefit of all. Create these new structures if you possibly can. Be part of the creation of new social paradigms, but don’t ignore what you need to do in order to live healthy lives.

Your bodies don’t function well within the lower vibrations of this realm. You are exposed to too many toxic elements here. You feel it and it’s not pleasant. Do the best that you can do. Be the best person that you can be. Let your light sine, but please don’t succumb to the belief that you are haunted by karmas or something else like that. Let it go. Move forward into a new reality in which you are a creator with others of a new paradigm of peace and social justice and wellbeing. This is what you want to create so don’t succumb to the beliefs that don’t allow for it to exist.

You Are Designed to Be You

Your being is not complete unless you are fully aware of who you are. You are a being of light that is wondrous. You cannot not be fantastic. But you have ALIGN to yourself. If you are misaligned you will listen to the words and thoughts of others not not of your own spirit. Your light knows what it’s here to do. You have to listen to it. The words of others drown out your awareness of your truths.

The words that echo in your minds from the televisions, media, news, online social media - you cannot get them out. You read it somewhere or your saw it or you heard it and so it must be true. But that’s not necessarily so.

You are able to live to your ability within the limits of who you are. You are beings. You are designed and created for a reason. This purpose is who you are. You are your purpose. Now, if you would only connect to that. You can listen to music, you can meditate and go within, but you have to shut off the voices that confuse you. When your light expresses who it is, you have to honor that. Your light is unique and it is created for a reason. If you try to be someone else’s light, it won’t work because it’s not you.

You are designed to be you.

Your style, your hopes, your dreams, they are yours. If you take on someone else’s dreams and style, then you are trying to be that person. You are no longer being you. And you cannot hear your truth.

The truth of who your soul is echoes throughout the cosmos and beyond into the All. Your soul is singing its truth so loudly, if only you would listen. Listen to the voice within you. Listen to the sound it makes. Feel the resonance of the vibrations it expresses and creates as it lives here on this planet. You are your soul. You are a purpose. You are created for a reason. Live it. Listen to it. Follow it. And you shall be free.

About Dimensions

The number of dimensions is unimaginable. They are comprised of multiple levels of things that exist. You can’t see the levels but they are there. It’s like all of the layers of your skin. You can see them with a microscope, but you can’t see these kinds of levels like that. You have to look deeply and understand that what you are seeing is one level. The dimensions are like spaces that are interlocked through a system of overlaying energies. You can lay them on top of one another and you can see that everything is actually happening at exactly the same moment and there is only ONE thing. You are not spread all over the place dimensionally. How is one parallel experience affecting you now? Because it’s right here where you are on another level.

Overlaying energies create the dimensional spaces that you are searching for in your desire to understand everything and how it works.
You look deeply but you cannot see them. They are overlaying; one on top of another, intertwined in a way that is too complex to explain to you. But if you see them you won’t believe them. Your eyes are designed to look at one level at a time. The dimensions aren’t going to express themselves to you visually. If you look, you can’t see them. But if you are aware that they are there you can access them.

For instance, the ability of mediums to talk to those who have passed over: Where did they pass over to? Yes, another dimensional space. They are right here. They are not far. But what about those who have let go of their personalities and decided to go back home into the One Light? Is that right here? You know that you understand that it is all right here. Just higher and higher and higher until there is not a way to discern the separation of anything. In this dimensional space, you see 3D; you experience it. But in the higher and higher ones, it is less clearly defined. It all gets smoother and has less bumpy edges. You are able to connect the dots more easily because you aren’t distracted by the illusion of separation that you experience here. It’s an illusion because you can only see it that way because of the limitations of your eyes.

Your machines cannot conceptualize the interconnectedness of all, because you still believe that there are separations. Your scientists have to approach their work from the standpoint that all is interconnected. You just can’t see it here.

The dimensions can be used to your advantage in multiple ways. Let’s focus on healing. In the highest dimensions, you cannot not be existing in a healed state. There is no healing process there. As you move lower, and the edges become more defined, and this is where you experience the need to heal, because you are constantly bumping up against the edges of things. You are bruised inside and out from your experiences here. Your bruises have to heal. And that takes time and energy and effort.

You cannot not bump into things here. The edges are too rough.

You cannot disconnect from this experience so that you don’t have to experiences the pains anymore. You are here and you have to focus on your existence here so that you can perform your duties and accomplish your missions for being here. When you meditate, however, you can access experiences of the other layers. You can become aware of how the feeling of oneness, where there are no bumps, feels so amazing and wonderful to you. You can experience that. You have to come back here to live your life, but you can experience those higher dimensions.

There are other ways, too. When you see something that seems seamless and endless and beautiful to you, that is what it feels like where there are less edges and bumps. Looking over the horizon of the ocean, for example. Or listening to a flowing piece of music that just seems to go on and on and the feeling of getting lost in that. When you feel so joyful that your pain seems to disappear. And you wish that joyful feeling could go on and on and on, but you do come back to your reality and face your life.

You experience the oneness sometimes. We want for you to understand that when you have awareness of how it all really works, it brings a lot of clarity to you. You can work with the energy that is available to you because it’s all available! Connect to the concept of the oneness. Go to the highest level possible and access that oneness, smoothness, interconnectedness – this is how you manifest instantly. This is how you create powerfully. You have to access that knowingness and grab it and work with it.

We leave you with the knowingness that there is nowhere to go. Just stay where you are and have awareness that everything is actually right here. You are here, love is here, light is here, oneness is here – even if you cannot see it, it is here.

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